About WomynKind.org

about womynkind.org

Womynkind.org is a blog which is dedicated to the health and well being of women of all age and races.

We feel that women deserve special attention and care. The biological requirements of women are different from that of men. Women are more emotional, they need support more often and most of the times, due to the social stigmas, they feel neglected.

For a woman, it is difficult to open up. While a man can discuss whatever and whoever he wants to, women do not have that liberty.

In smaller towns and orthodox families women even dont have access to basic healthcare and social needs. They can not visit a doctor alone, they are not allowed to party, to hangout and in extreme cases, go out or even get education.

Taking in to consideration all these factors, we at womynkind.org decided to provide an easy access to all women so that they may find reliable information about their health, rights and social existence.

It’s all about Men out there, why can’t women have the same status?

We are in the 21st century. Still women are suppressed in all societies. Even in the most modern cultures, women are expected to follow men in all matters.

A woman manages his home, work, office, children, husband, in-laws and relatives, but still man is supposed to be the head of the family.

Why cant a woman be the head?

At womynkind.org our aim is to give women the respect and status that they deserve since ages.

We want to break the stereotype and come up with a new, modern and more open society for the women.